Our accounts


The land and buildings belonging to the parish council is as follows:

Parish Gardens and pinfold – Main Street Norwell

Lease of playing field at School Lane, Norwell

Telephone kiosk – Main Street Norwell

Telephone kiosk –  Norwell Woodhouse

Accounts and financial information

Our annual accounts and financial information may be accessed below


2017-18 Bank reconciliation

2017-18 Items of expenditure over £100

Variances 2017-18

2017-18 List of public land with value – Approved 23.5.18

2017-18 annual governance statement and Accounting statements

2017-18 Certificate of exemption

Exempt authority – No audit declaration

Notice of public right to inspect

Local authority accounts – A summary of your rights


2016-17 bank reconciliation

2016-17 items of expenditure over £100

2016 -17 Variances

2017 annual governance statement and accounting statements (Final)

2017 Accounts declaration

2016-17 External auditor’s report

2016-17 Internal auditor’s report

2017 Notice of commencement of public right to inspect

2016-17 Notice of completion of audit