Our activities

Our activities include:

  • Representing Norwell parish at a local government level
  • Managing the parish gardens and pinfold
  • Managing the playing field and equipment
  • Responding to planning applications on behalf of the parish – We encourage local residents’ comments on planning applications, which help us to make informed comments to the planning authority. However, the parish council has no power to determine a planning applications, which is a matter for planning authority, usually Newark & Sherwood District Council.
  • Setting the parish precept – This is the amount collected as part of the council tax which is paid to the parish council to be spent for the benefit of the parish.
  • Responding to consultations which affect the parish at district, county and national level
  • Notifying matters such as potholes, faulty streetlights and other highways issues to Nottinghamshire County Council

As a public authority, we are subject to data protection regulations. We respect your personal information. Click Norwell Privacy notice – For the public to view our privacy notice setting out how and why we use personal information. Click Data Protection Policy – Website to view our data protection policy.

We work hard to maintain the village environment and appearance. As well as the parish gardens, pinfold and play area in the parish, the parish council is also responsible for the telephone kiosks, defibrillators, benches around the village and the dog waste bin, which we urge people to use. Details of the parish council’s land and buildings appear on our accounts page.